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Vertical Solutions

Each Industry Cloud is powered by the Microsoft Cloud plus Hitachi Solutions’ vertical specific software. We leverage years of experience and expertise with Microsoft AX, CRM and Business Intelligence to build solutions that hit the sweet spot for each vertical and provide an incredibly simplified experience. > Read more…

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Expert Services

Our approach to implementation ensures results by focusing on your business goals. We help prepare your organization to successfully adopt and leverage new systems and capabilities. Our own project delivery methodology ensures quality, manages risk and promotes efficiency so you can drive value for your business by utilizing our vertical solutions and experience. > Read more…

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Ongoing Support

Success is a journey which doesn’t end at go-live. Our dedicated support teams reside in multiple countries to ensure that issues are resolved in the quickest possible timeframe so you can stay focused on your business. Our breadth and depth of knowledge provides continuous support ranging from troubleshooting, deployment and environment management. > Read more…

Hitachi AX and CRM for Central Government


Built to meet the challenge of responding to efficiency targets whilst ensuring long term economic growth for the country. Our solution for central government provides comprehensive tools for financial management, public service centre support, case management and much more. You get the assurance of a future-proof Microsoft solution, but with exactly the features you need to manage the complex business of delivering on the needs of a growing population.


Based Upon Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM

Our solution enables Public Sector organisations to:

  • Improve business processes
  • Provide better information to front line staff and management
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve customer service

Hitachi CRM for Fire and Rescue Service


Our front office solution helps Fire and Rescue services to improve community safety by providing an automated incident management solution using one database and integrated with existing core systems. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as its core the solution manages interactions with the public, schedules events, maintains assets and manages the inspections for commercial premises.


Technical Fire Safety

Inspections or audits are managed within CRM and the process automatically managed by workflows. The investigating officer records the information whilst at the premises on a secure tablet device and synchronises with the CRM solution when convenient. If the audit identifies a risk that needs to be followed-up a new case is automatically created and managed.


Water Services

Hydrants and other assets are recorded with location details in CRM. Inspection officers visit assets that are associated to a route, record the condition of assets whilst on site and automatic work flows respond to defects or other problems that are recorded.


Community Safety

All private premises are recorded within the CRM system. Non-emergency calls from the public are recorded and Home Safety Visits arranged as an output of these calls. Officers record the Home Safety Visits on a secure tablet device which is synchronised back to CRM. Cases that need investigating are created and all information captured. The solution also manages the information and workflow process for managing public safety events.

Hitachi CRM Essentials

Hitachi CRM Essentials Dashboard

Hitachi CRM Essentials helps you achieve a successful CRM implementation more quickly and at a lower cost. It provides an extensive library of plug-ins, controls, and customizations that enable you to meet all of your industry and business requirements. Hitachi CRM Essentials includes:

CRM Essentials helps you to:

  • Business Rules Engine
  • JavaScript Library
  • Agent Desktop
  • Portal Framework
  • User Adoption Solution
  • Editable Grid
  • Hierarchy Visualizer
  • CRM + SharePoint Enhancement
  • Plug-In Library

+ Learn more about Essentials…

Expert Services
Add the Right Team and Approach to Your Industry Solution Equation

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Designed for Success

Our field proven implementation approach is based on years of helping clients transform their organizations with enhanced processes and enterprise software optimization. With every client relationship and project our focus is on your business goals. We collaborate to define improved processes, build and deploy capabilities to optimize those processes, measure results and move forward with continuous improvements.

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Flexible Services Approach

We help ensure your success with the Hitachi Solutions Industry Cloud by getting the right team of experts into the mix at the right time. Our project leaders and consultants act as guides to help your implementation along by using the project approach that best matches your business model, the skills of your team and your specific requirements. Our approach can flex from classic waterfall to agile to a hybrid in between depending on the approach that you are most comfortable with.

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All In Subscription or Hybrid Services + Subscription

The Hitachi Solutions Industry Cloud can include a range of expert services like integration, data migration, and custom development or a complete ERP, CRM or BI implementation from top to bottom. We can wrap subscription pricing around any services and include it into your Industry Cloud subscription or you can subscribe and pay for services separately. We’re flexible. Our goal is to make sure our pricing and subscription matches your needs.

We saw Microsoft Dynamics AX as the solution that would take us to the next level as a business. It provided the range of modules we needed, so we wouldn’t have to keep building point solutions, while also offering the flexibility to meet our industry requirements.
Brian Seymour, CIO, Keller Foundations
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Ongoing Support

Our dedicated global support teams ensure that issues are resolved in the quickest possible timeframe so you can stay focused on your business. Our breadth and depth of knowledge provides continuous support ranging from troubleshooting, deployment and environment management.

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Personal Attention

Hitachi Solutions’ ongoing support provides personalized attention through in-house functional and technical Microsoft AX, CRM and BI experts available via phone, email, Skype, whatever works best for you when you need us.

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Predictable Cost

You stay connected with a dedicated pool of Microsoft experts on a predictable, monthly service plan. There are three tiers: Gold, Silver and Bronze each with an allocation of hours which can be used however you need.

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The Power of 3

Experience has taught us that the right team of three can cover the breadth of information required to keep a system live and thriving. We build our support teams right and support them with our global resources.

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